Mental Health benefits of yoga- Everything explained

Yoga produces a calm and serene feeling around anyone practicing it. It isn’t just good for health of your body, yoga also benefits your mental health. It increases your connection to your soul and makes you feel more grounded. Yoga also needs commitment from not just your body but also from your mind. So, while indulging in Yoga you need to be completely present in the moment.
Mental health is as equally important as your physical health. With 1 in 3 people suffering from depression in today’s world, it is becoming an issue that cannot be ignored anymore. Yoga is something that helps people achieve that connection with their body where they are able to find a solution to their problems. But, what is the science behind yoga and its mental health benefits? Let’s discuss in details.
Research on Yoga
There is research backing the several mental health benefits of yoga. It reduces muscle tension, reduces stress. Sometimes we feel that what we are experiencing isn’t happening in real, this is a symptom of anxiety, where you feel disconnected from yourself and the world. Yoga helps you keep grounded and increases body awareness. It also increases your concentration and just keeps you positive.
Stress and Yoga
Stress is a persistent problem in today’s world. It can lead to several mental health disorders. Yoga’s mental health benefits help you achieve inner peace. It helps you develop a lifestyle where outside forces don't hold power over you. It brings you closer to yourself and makes you comfortable in your skin. Because sometimes our brain becomes a very toxic place for us and we constantly need to keep ourselves busy so that we aren’t lost in our thoughts. 
Stress is something that gradually deteriorates your body into an anxious mess and the chances of you developing several lifestyle disorders like diabetes, heart problems, and BP, increase tenfold. It also ages your brain faster. But, yoga has those mental health benefits, which helps you achieve that balance with your mind and your body.
Yoga and good hormones
Yoga also increases the production of GABA, a chemical that your brain makes which helps regulate your nerve activity. Because the brain of people with anxiety develops less of GABA this is exceptionally good for them.
Yoga and its mental health benefits don’t stop there. Researchers say that it is the relaxing sensation that yoga brings with it that makes all of this possible. It leads to improvements in physical and mental health. Researchers at Benson-Henry Institute for Mind/Body Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) have found out that this deep body relaxation instantly helps us feel positive and brings a good change in the genes, which are involved in the immune function.
Final Words
Yoga’s mental health benefits have created an upsurge in the demand of professionals to spread their knowledge and teach beginners the art that is yoga. It creates a positive space within you. And, nowadays people have realized how important internal peace is to lead a emotionally, mentally and physically healthy life. So, embrace yoga today!

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